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I have lived a good life. Maybe a counterculture life, maybe a normal life. I have written operas, built houses, been involved with cross-cultural education between Latin America and the U.S, and hardly ever had a job I have helped raise two wonderful children with my amazing wife. It's been a good ride. And I go to church. I've just finished a book of stories from my life, I am still connected to an organization in Nicaragua that promotes sister relationships between communities, faith communities, or schoold, and to the extent that my cancer doesn't pull me down, am attempting to share some of what I have learned, or at least tried out. Welcome, and let's share.

Spending the Day with My Granddaughter

Thursday is my day to spend with a child Two hours gliding through morning haze Muting the blazing colors of fall; Passing the hills I know too well From last week’s ill advised bike trip, I descend to cross the … Continue reading

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Last Month Tanya Marlow invited me to participate in her fall Tuesday series: Suffering and God.  I was very pleased to be asked and wrote the following refledtion. My brother died last May of a sudden heart attack. He was a … Continue reading

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At Last

I left Boston on September 23rd to spend a week in California with my 101-year-old mother. When I called home the next day, Barbara said friends had told her I had sent a facebook message saying my book had been … Continue reading

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Peace Prize

I don’t think I had ever heard of World Vision until this year. The first time I heard about it was last March when they reversed their decision to recognize employees’ same-sex marriages. Then I heard a lot about it. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on life and money

About ten years ago, my eldest daughter, Anna, produced a “zine” about her thoughts on money and her life. I am reproducing it here for this month’s “Spirit of the Poor” discussion. I will convey any comments to Anna that … Continue reading

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Yesterday was wine making day

Yesterday I finished making my wine. I had put up almost 3 gallons last week, and once that fermented, I transferred it to a 3 gallon glass jug and began my second day of winemaking. I have one vine that … Continue reading

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The Place we call “The Land”

Thirty-three years ago my wife and I, along with three other families, bought some property in western Massachusetts. We called it “The Land”, because that’s all that there was. Now there is a house with a big screened in porch, … Continue reading

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