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The Boat, Part 2.

  The next big issue was the mast. Henri had advisors and it was determined that it should be at least twenty feet tall. I called for seventy-two feet of long 2x4s and they were there the next morning. A … Continue reading

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The Boat: part 1

This story is the last of my Isla Vista, 1970 series.  It’s somewhat of an adventure tale, so I’m not going to give many comments, but will publish it serially over the next week or so.  Enjoy. I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Venice and Florence: incomplete homework

This is another section from my 5th Travel story, Barbara and me in Europe, the same one that contained the Verdi story. Venice was a place for us to relax.  We had a lovely pension in which to sleep and … Continue reading

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The theme for these series of blogs is “things that didn’t make it into my book.”  But it’s also a sneaky way to include sections of the book itself.  The book’s title is:  NORMAL: Stories from my Life:  A Normal … Continue reading

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Verdi’s message

Here is where I tell you that I have written a book; NORMAL: Stories from my Life: a Normal Person in an Abnormal Society I am now in the process of doing some editing.  I thought for my first attempt … Continue reading

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