The Place we call “The Land”

DSCF2983 004

Thirty-three years ago my wife and I, along with three other families, bought some property in western Massachusetts. We called it “The Land”, because that’s all that there was. Now there is a house with a big screened in porch, a tool shed, a gazebo, and another cabin which I call my “Hermatige.”  There is also a garden, a small orchard, and there has always been a stream. Last week we spent several days there, the weekend of the Cummington Fair, with our daughters and their children. It is a precious place for us, and I thought I’d share some of the images with you.

The main house:

10264136IwkhOvDSZo_ph[1] 3889346FlsGqGxcjq_ph[1] Stitched Panorama


The tool shed was the second structure to go up, then the screened-in porch:



Stitched Panorama

  DSCF2985 006

The outdoor shower on the side of the house has been a recent luxury.

The Gazebo provides a quiet screened-in place to think, converse, read, or write.  It also is a wonderful extra bedroom in the hot summer months.

DSCF2982 003

The Hermatige was added four years ago.  It is 10′ x 12′ with a loft; about 500′ from the main house.  It has it’s own water barrel, fireplace, and outhouse.


 oct2012 384

But it is still the land which defines the place.  Here is the clearing with a garden and orchard with 6 fruit trees, raspberries, and a grape arbor.


DSCF2986 007

The garden wasn’t weeded last year, but in May I was able to clear a few beds and now have butternut squash, potatoes, garlic, and a few summer squash and kale.

DSCF2989 010

DSCF2987 008

The stream has always been there.  I once encountered a bear at this swimming hole.

 oct2012 390

oct2012 393

Nearby is the Plainfield pond where we can pick enough blueberries from the canoe to make a very full blueberry pie.

 oct2012 388

And the fourth weekend of every August is the CUMMINGTON FAIR.

DSCF2976 022

DSCF2978 024


About Newell Hendricks

I have lived a good life. Maybe a counterculture life, maybe a normal life. I have written operas, built houses, been involved with cross-cultural education between Latin America and the U.S, and hardly ever had a job I have helped raise two wonderful children with my amazing wife. It's been a good ride. And I go to church. I've just finished a book of stories from my life, I am still connected to an organization in Nicaragua that promotes sister relationships between communities, faith communities, or schoold, and to the extent that my cancer doesn't pull me down, am attempting to share some of what I have learned, or at least tried out. Welcome, and let's share.
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2 Responses to The Place we call “The Land”

  1. So beautiful is so many ways!! I still remember the wonderful energy that was there when the delegation from Nicaragua was all there, and my friends from Argentina stopped by. The photos show how remarkable a place it is.


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